Top 10 Websites for Movie Reviews

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Referring to movie reviews, you can decide which movies to watch, check out how many people like the movies, discover some new formation about the movies, or just recall the memory about the movies.

Below 10 websites are the most popular movie resources, from which you can check out the reviews of the latest movies for free without registration:

1. IMDb

movie reviews

IMDb is the most popular movie database, when searching a movie with Google, you will possibly see the results from IMDb in the first page.

There are many user reviews on the IMDb website as well as many external review links from other websites.

Go to IMDb

2. Rotten Tomatoes

movie reviews

As “The Ultimate Movie Reaction Site”, Rotten Tomatoes offers many movie trailers, movie reviews and new movie previews.

The movie reviews are all generated by the members of Rotten Tomatoes.

Go to Rotten Tomatoes

3. Flixster

movie reviews

Flixster offers theater showtimes, movie trailers, DVD releases and some other movie information. The movie reviews are all created by users.

As one of the top 10 mobile social apps, you can also visit Flixster mobile websites on your cellphone.

Go to Flixster


movie reviews

As “the web’s largest online directory of movie reviews”, MRQE has more than 80,000 movies with nearly 800,000 articles of reviews.

MRQE offers many URLs of the movie reviews from other websites, such as The New York Times, Newsday, Time Out New York, etc. And there may be also some reviews added by the readers.

Go to MRQE

5. Yahoo! Movies

movie reviews

Yahoo! Movies offers upcoming releases, movies in theaters, new DVDs and some other movie information.

There are both Critics Reviews and User Reviews, the first ones are links and briefs from some other websites, and the second ones are reviews added by Yahoo users.

Go to Yahoo! Movies

6. The New York Times

movie reviews

The New York Times movies offers movie trailers, showtimes, tickets and reviews.

The movie reviews are created by the website authors, but there may be also some reviews added by the users.

Go to The New York Times

7. Film

movie reviews is a big resource for movie reviews, TV shows, television listings, and some other film information.

The movie reviews are written by the website authors, and there will be a score added to every movie.

Go to Film

8. Hollywood

movie reviews

As one of the “top 10 film sites” ranked by London Times, Hollywood offers movie trailers, upcoming movies, and movie reviews.

There is one review for every new released movie.

Go to Hollywood

9. Movies

movie reviews

You can search for movies, movie theaters and movie reviews on the Movies website.

For the new movies, there will be about 2 reviews written by the website’s critics, and many brief reviews from other websites.

Go to Movies

10. Roger Ebert

movie reviews

Roger Ebert may be the most popular movie reviewer in the world, since his website is so popular for movie reviews.

All the movie reviews are published by Roger Ebert.

Go to Roger Ebert

Among all the above 10 movie websites, my favorite is Flixster, since its mobile site is cool. How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other websites for movie reviews? Share with us by adding a comment.

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