Top 10 Free Online Rock Radio Stations

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Rock Radio Stations

Rock music is a genre of popular music that entered the mainstream in the 1950s, and is famous for its electric guitar, drums, synthesizer, keyboards, as well as the loud human sound.

On the internet, there are many rock radio stations, among which below 10 will be certainly worthy of a try, since they have broadcast rock music for a long time, and offers free online alive rock music for you to listen all day long any time, check them out and rock yourself.

1. The Rock

Rock Radio Stations

The Rock has been on air since 1992, and now it is New Zealand’s top rock radio station and holds the #1 ratings spot out of the music stations nationwide.

Go to The Rock


Rock Radio Stations

The radio station WBAB first went on the air in 1958, it is best known for playing an album-oriented rock format, and it is now Long Island’s #1 rock radio station.

Go to WBAB

3. 98Rock

Rock Radio Stations

The Baltimore radio station 98 Rock (WIYY) has broadcast rock music since 1977, and offers three channels for different kinds of rock music, 98online is for active rock music, Classic 98 is for classic rock music, and Indie 97.9 is for independent rock music.

Go to 98Rock


Rock Radio Stations

The radio station WJJO began broadcasting in 1961, and it is considered one of the hardest active rock radio stations in the United States.

Go to WJJO


Rock Radio Stations

WOXY is The Future of Rock and Roll, Independent Internet Radio broadcasting from Austin TX.

Go to WOXY

6. 99.3 FM

Rock Radio Stations

The Canadian radio station CFOX 99.3 FM started broadcasting in 1964 with an active rock format.

Go to 99.3 FM


Rock Radio Stations

KNAC is an internet based rock radio station, and it calls itself The Loudest Dot Com on the Planet.

Go to KNAC


Rock Radio Stations

The rock radio station WMMR has broadcast since 1942, and has been the leading rock format station in the rock music market.

Go to WMMR

9. Planet Rock

Rock Radio Stations

Planet Rock is a Sony Award winning digital radio station in the United Kingdom, and has broadcast classic rock music since 1999.

Go to Planet Rock

10. Rock Radio

Rock Radio Stations

Rock Radio has broadcast classic music since 1992, and has 3 sub-stations, including Scotland 96.3 rock radio, Manchester 106.1 rock radio, and Northeast rock radio.

Go to Rock Radio

All the above online radio stations are free for you to listen to without registration, and for more nice online rock radio stations, you can check out these 10 websites, which will let you listen to any kind of music.

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