Create An Awesome Online Signature for Free via MyLiveSignature

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MyLiveSignature is a nice website for you to create an awesome online signature.

There are 3 methods for you to create your online signature:

1. Using the signature creation wizard

There are 120 kinds of fonts, 10 kinds of sizes and 10 different slopes for your choice. You can also change the text color as well as the background color even make it transparent. Below signature is my choice:

online signature

2. Hand draw your own personal signature

You only need to move your mouse to draw your name. It was hard for me to draw a beautiful name by mouse:

online signature

And you can only create a signature with white background and black text.

3. Using a scanned image

You can scan your exist signature and then upload it to MyLiveSignature, who will turn it to be an online signature with the size you like, but this will cost you $10.00:

All the online signatures you create on MyLiveSignature are static, but you can create an animated signature if you want to paid for it:

By the way, you don’t need to register to create an online signature, but if you do, you can manage all your signatures in one place and MyLiveSignature will also send you a free pdf ebook called Blog Traffic Secrets.

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