Pinterest Instagram With Pingram

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Yesterday, we have introduced how to make your Facebook like Pinterest, today, we will learn how to make your Instagram like Pinterest.

As the name, Pingram is a mash-up of Instagram and Pinterest.

On the website, you can view the Pingram users and their Instagram photos as well as the popular Instagram photos without login. After login with your Instagram account, you can also view the photo feed of the Instagram users that you have followed, the Instagram photos you have liked, as well as your own photos.

Besides to view the Instagram photos in a Pinterest display, you can also do the following 3 cool things:

1. You can pin photos

Pinterest Instagram With Pingram

For any (and only) photos that shared by a Pingram user (Pingrammer), you can click the "Pin it" buttons and add them to your Pinterest board.

2. You can add Twitter to Pingram

Add Twitter to Pingram

You can just add your Twitter username without the "@" symbol and insert a widget into your Pingram (vanity) page (such as this) to show your latest 6 tweets, which you can also reply, retweet or favorite.

3. You can add Pingram to Facebook

Add Pingram to Facebook

You can add your Facebook page ID and show your Pingram page on that page (such as this).

Although Pingram is cool for the above 3 features, it is not available for you to like or comment on the photos as what some other Instagram third-party apps can do.

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