Purge CloudFlare Caches

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While CloudFlare is a good free CDN service for you to speed up your blog, it will also cause some unwanted problems.

When writing the painful policy violation appeal to Google AdSense team, I edited and save the post as draft many times.

But suddenly, I could't save the post as it was, nor add excerpt and tags, what was more, both comments and trackbacks were automatically closed, no matter how many times I tried, which was too painful to write a post.

Without any idea what caused the problem, I tried to empty the W3TC caches, to clean all the browser caches, to disable some desktop applications, and even to restart the computer, but the problem was still there.

At last, I thought it might be caused by CloudFlare, since which ever caused a problem when updating the WordPress theme Thematic.

So I went to the CloudFlare website's settings page and click on the "Purge cache" button to remove all the blog caches, as what you can see from the following image:

Purge CloudFlare Caches

After that, I could return to the WordPress dashboard and save the draft successfully.

But it seemed that something was really wrong with CloudFlare, since when writing this post, I came across the same problem and had to purge the CloudFlare caches first before I could save a draft.

Maybe it is time to drop CloudFlare and move to some other CDN service, what do you think?

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