Rank Facebook People With Identified

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Like LinkedIn, the Identified website is mainly for people to look for companies, and for companies to hire people, but it only works for Facebook users.

Identified will rank Facebook people according to their educations, jobs and the people they know, but it only show the full score results for the Facebook people who join it, with the following 3 main features:

1. You can rank yourself


After connecting with your Facebook account, you can get your own score, which you can improve by editing your education history and work experience, or inviting people to join Identified later. As you can see from the above image, my score is only 11 out of 100, possibly no company will hire me, but luckily, I don’t want to work for any company, either. 🙂

After that, you can visit your profile page, on which there is news about the marketplace in your profession, the scores of your Facebook friends, the top 5 ranked companies and schools.

2. You can check out the ranks of others

Identified Search

While ranking yourself will be good for companies to hire you, to check out the ranks of others will be good for you to find companies or to hire people.

You can search for people, companies, jobs, schools, majors and even more to find out the ranks of other people or companies. For the results, you can filter them by companies, people or schools, which can be also sorted by relevance and score. And you can also view the people’s bios, add them as Facebook friends, or send them messages.

Clicking on every result, you can see the detailed ranking information in a single page, such as the following:

Identified user page

On the result page of a people, you can see his or her friend numbers, work experience and education history, with charts. And on the result page of a company, a job, a major or a school, you can see who are top in those fields.

3. No information for non-users

Identified nonuser page

Identified will show the ranking details of the people who you are not friends with on Facebook, but not the people who are not an Identified member, though there may be a score, but no information about network, educations or jobs.

And it seems that Identified has filtered the results of some famous people, for example, there is no result for Lady Gaga, though who also has a Facebook account:

Identified Lady Gaga

Maybe Identified thinks that Lady Gaga won’t look for a company or hire any people.

4. No networking on the website

Identified error

On the Identified website, you can’t make friends or chat with people, and what you can do is to search and connect with people on Facebook, but sometimes you may even fail to do so, as what you can see from the above screenshot.

But anyway, if you want to look for a job or to hire someone, Identified is also a choice besides LinkedIn.

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