Save Your Words For The Future With Tell in Future

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It is interesting to save your words for the future, such as to write down what you want to have 5 years later and check out if you’ll have gotten them then, to write down your prediction of 2012 and check out if you’ll be right then, to write down what your wife will look like and check out if you’ll have married the right one later, etc.

Instead to write down your future words on a paper, you can now save them on a website — Tell in Future.

Tell in Future

On the website, you can enter a message that you want to save for the future, select the time when you want the message to be visible, and click the "Submit" button, then you will receive a URL, anyone with that URL will be able to see the message after the visible time, before which, you can only see a reminding page:

Tell in Future URL

After the visible time, you can visit the URL and view your words:

Tell in Future show

It is cool, right? However, since your friends can’t read your words until the visible time, you don’t need to send the URL to them immediately, instead you can also schedule a right time to send it out. For example, you can write an email with the URL and schedule to send it to your friends with Boomerang for Gmail, or you can schedule the URL with these free web apps and share your future words with your Twitter friends.

By the way, you’d better make sure that the website Tell in Future is still alive before sharing the URL of your future words with your Friends. 🙂

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