Schedule Gmail With Right Inbox

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To schedule Gmail emails and send out them later automatically, you can check out Boomerang as mentioned before.

The following will show you another similar free web app — Right Inbox, which is also available for you to schedule Gmail on your Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Schedule Gmail with Right Inbox

After installing the extension on your Chrome or Firefox browser, and grant Right Inbox to get access to your Gmail account, then you can start scheduling emails.

When composing an email, the default "SEND" button will be replaced with the "Send Now" button and the "Send Later" button, as what you can see from the above image.

For the finished email, you can click the "Send Now" button to send it right away, or you can click the "Send Later" button to send it later, such as in 1 hour, in 4 hours, tomorrow morning, or any specific future time, which you can set with the exact date, time and timezone, so that the email will be sent out in the right time you like.

For the scheduled email, it will be saved in the Draft and marked with the time when it will be sent, such as what you can see from the following screenshot:

Right Inbox Scheduled Email

Comparing to Boomerang, Right Inbox is lighter and simpler, but it only allows you to schedule email, but not to read your inbox email at any future time, as what Boomerang can do.

By the way, Right Inbox is completely free right now, and it will introduce affordable monthly fees later on, but there will be always a free plan as a starter package, said by itself.

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