Search And Listen To Songs Online For Free With Fizy

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There are many websites for you to play free music, such as online radio stations, mood music websites, music streaming services, and so on.

This post will introduce another music website, Fizy, which is quite different from all the music websites mentioned before, since you have to search before you can listen to a song.

You can search a song, an artist, or any other keywords in English, if there are matched results, you can select the songs you are looking for to listen to on the Fizy website directly.


I. The advantages of Fizy

As a search-and-listen music website, Fizy has some advantages:

1. You can watch music videos if there are

If there are music videos for the songs you search, you can watch them on the Fizy website directly.

2. You can add songs to your playlists

After registration, you can create your own playlists, and add the songs you like to them.

3. You can share the songs you are listening to easily

You can share the Fizy songs you are listening to, Twitter, FriendFeed and / or RSS Readers with the related applications.

II. The shortcomings of Fizy

Although Fizy is flesh and powerful with some special features, it also has some shortcomings:

1. You can’t filter the songs with videos or not

Besides song tracks, Fizy also offers some music videos, but you can’t figure out which song has a music video until you play it, and you also can’t just search the music videos.

2. You can’t search non-English songs

Although Fizy supports tens of languages, but it seems that you can’t search for non-English ( at lease Chinese during my test) songs.

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