Search Anyone’s Tweets By Date

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To search old tweets, you can check out these top 10 websites, besides, you can also check out the website Search Tweets By Date.

Thanks to duofg who recommended the website, which is a new but definitely powerful and free tool for you to search anyone’s tweets by date.

Search Anyone's Tweets By Date

On the website, you can enter a Twitter username, select the time range you want to track, and choose your timezone, then you can see the results in the same page. By the way, you can enter a Twitter username with or without the symbol “@”.

Below are the cool features of the Search Tweets By Date website:

1. Back to 2009

You can search anyone’s public tweets back to November 2nd, 2009, which is key features of the site.

2. Time zone

You can select the time zone all over the world, and get the exact time for the tweets.

3. More button

You can click the “more” button in the end of the displayed tweets and load more, up to 20 per time, just as on the Twitter website.

4. Fast search

Whether to search the old tweets back to 2009, or to click the “more” button, you can get the result tweets very fast.

Although there are 4 cool features, Search Tweets By Date also has some limits, for example, you can’t search old tweet by keywords.

Update: Search Tweets By Date was not available any more.

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