Search By Voice With Add Speech

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For its fast and easy, Voice Search will be a trend in the future, though it is not so powerful now.

A few days ago, someone developed a Speechify extension for Chrome users to search Google, Yahoo, Amazon and some other websites by voice. Later, Google launch speech input feature for Chrome 11 beta, you can search by voice on its homepage without any extension. Now, someone developed another Chrome extension called Add Speech, which is like Speechify but with some differences:

add speech

1. The commons of Add Speech and Speechify

Both Add Speech and Speechify are available for you to search Google, Yahoo, YouTube and many other websites where there are search boxes.

And both of them are not available for you to search Quora and Facebook, although you can see the microphone icon and even speech out the keywords, when clicking the Search button or press the Enter key, you can’t see any result.

By the way, the voice recognition of both are far from perfection.

2. The differences between Add Speech and Speechify

Although both of them are not good for Twitter search, Speechify is more powerful than Add Speech, since which is not available for Bing, and only workable for the search box of the Yahoo homepage but not the result page.

So, if you are going to use a Chrome extension to search by voice, you’d better choose Speechify instead of Add Speech for this moment.

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