Search By Voice With Speechify

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Speech Input (also called Voice Search) is nothing new for a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or some other smart phone, which is available for voice dialing, and you can also install some app (such as Google’s) to search by voice.

But it is new for computer browsers, since you still can’t search by voice on the search box of Google’s or any other search engine’s website, until you install some third-party applications.


Speechify is a chrome extension which enables HTML5 Speech Input on Google, Yahoo, Amazon and many other popular websites.

After installation, you will see a little microphone icon in the Toolbar as well as another one in the search box of Google, Yahoo, Amazon and so on. Clicking the microphone icon to make it dark blue, then you can search Twitter with the one in the toolbar, or search the other supported websites with the one in their search bars. When using the Google search box with Instant turned on, you can search after saying without hitting the search button or the Enter key.

Speechify can recognize some popular keywords (such as Facebook, Yahoo, Lady Gaga, etc) well, but not all words, for example, when saying “F*ck” on Amazon, it returned “######”, or maybe I said that word wrong. 🙂

By the way, the Speechify extension is only workable for Chrome 11 Beta now, and not workable for Quora, but will support Facebook and Unibar later as it says.

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