Top 10 Websites to Search Rapidshare Files

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There are millions of files uploaded and shared on the website Rapidshare, but there is no way to search any files on Rapidshare, which may be just afraid to search itself for the illegal files uploaded by its legal users. But those illegal files are so amazing that someone else will do the search job.

Of course, you can search Rapidshare files with Google, but the search results may be boring, since Google sometimes has no idea where to index the latest Rapidshare files. Instead, you can check out the following 10 best special search engines, which are available for you to find nearly all files stored in Rapidshare.

1. FilesPump

Search Rapidshare Files

FilesPump says there are more than 6,300,000 files in their database, and besides Rapidshare, FilesPump also searches Megaupload, 4shared, Mediafire, and so on. The search results can be sorted by Movies, Games, Software, Music, Wallpapers and Porn. You can download all the Rapidshare files without registration, and you can submit your Rapidshare files to FilesPump after registration.

[Update] FilesPump has been seized by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

2. Rapidshare Search Engine

Search Rapidshare Files

Now, there are more than 12,728,227 files in On the search result page, you can see the Rapidshare file details, such as the file size, you can see if the file is deleted before clicking the link, you can see the password if there is, and you can also report a broken link without registration.

Go to

3. RapidManiac

Search Rapidshare Files

Up till now, RapidManiac has searched through 20,593,209 Rapidshare files, which are divided into seven different types, including Music, Picture, Video, CD/DVD, Doc, Archive and Application. Enter the verification code, then you can visit Rapidshare and download the file, and you can also submit Rapidshare files without registration.

[Update] RapidManiac was full of adult contents now and caused my AdSense disabled.

4. FilesTube

Search Rapidshare Files

FilesTube has indexed more than 58,300,000 files, among which, most are from Rapidshare, the others are from Megaupload, Hotfile and other uploading sites and file hosting services. The search results can be sorted by file types, resources, sizes and so on. Just click the Download button and you will be lead to the file source, no registration required.

Go to FilesTube

5. Rapid Library

Search Rapidshare Files

Rapid Library says it has more than 14,000,000 files in their database, and you will see the last 200 searches on its homepage, all the search results can be sorted by file types. Once you find your Rapidshare file, you can download it without registration, but you need to enter the vilification code before downloading.

Go to Rapid Library

6. Rapidshare Data

Search Rapidshare Files

There are more than 10,900,000 Rapidshare files on the website Rapidshare Data, the search results can be sorted by file types, such as video, auto, doc, and the other four. When you have found your search files, you can download them from Rapidshare directly, no registration required, you can also submit your Rapidshare files to Rapidshare Data.

Go to Rapidshare Data

7. KvAz

Search Rapidshare Files

KvAz said they have indexed over 12,488,551 Rapidshare files. There is link status for every Rapidshare file, when the link status is available, approved or active, the linked file mostly will be available on Rapidshare. And when the link status is checked, the related file may be deleted. You need to enter a verification code every time, and only the Slow Download is free, the Fast Download not.

Go to KvAz

8. FilesBay

Search Rapidshare Files

I have no idea how many Rapidshare files FilesBay has indexed, but it also lets you search other uploading sites and file hosting services, such as MegaUpload, Uploading, SendSpace, and so on. Once you find the Rapidshare file, click the file link, then you will be lead to a website called MultiDL, you can download the file from Rapidshare when you click the link again, no registration is required, unless you click the Start download button.

[Update] FilesBay is dead.

9. Gappon

Search Rapidshare Files

Besides Rapidshare, Gappon also lets you search megashares, megaupload and other file hosting sites. The most obvious and flesh feature of Gappon is that it offers some additional information to the file. For example, when you search the new movie Green Zone, you will see some pictures of the movie as well as some movie information from IMDB.

[Update] Gappon is dead.

10. Avun

Search Rapidshare Files

Avun doesn’t say how many files it has indexed, but besides RapidShare, you can also search MegaUpload,, SendSpace, and some other uploading sites and file hosting services. Another flesh feature of Avun is that it will show a Thumbnail of every Rapidshare file source, since most of the links are directed to the original websites, instead of Rapidshare.

[Update] Avun is dead.

Besides the above 10 Rapidshare search engines, there are some other similar websites for you to search Rapidshare files, but not powerful enough as far as I known.


And in case you still can’t find the Rapidshare files from these 10 Rapidshare search engines, you can search google in below two methods:

a: “keywords” + “rapidshare”

For example, if you want to search the new movie She’s Out of My League on Rapidshare, you can input below words in Google search bar:

She’s Out of My League Rapidshare

Otherwise, you can use below method:

b: “keywords” + “”

For example:

She’s Out of My League

I like using the “a” method on Google blog search. How about you?

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