Top 10 Websites to Search Twitter Users by Location

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Want to know which Twitter users are in your city? Want to know which Twitter users are near to your city? Or want to know which Twitter users are popular in a city?

If yes, you can find those Twitter users with below 10 websites, which let you search Twitter users by location for FREE. What you need to do is just to enter your location, and then these websites will list some Twitter users in or near that location.

1. Twitter Advanced Search

Never forget Twitter Advanced Search when you are going to search anything about Twitter. Just to enter your location, and select how far away from the location is acceptable, then you can see the latest tweets from those twitter users near the location. You can also filter the results by languages, including English, Japanese, French and the other 16 languages, but no Chinese.

Go to Twitter Advanced Search

2. Twellow

Twellow says it has more than 19 million Twitter profiles in their database and let you search those Twitter users by location. You can follow or unfollow the tweeps on the search results, and you can also see their Social Links (such as MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, ect) if any.

Go to Twellow

3. TweepSearch

TweepSearch says it has indexed over 13 million Twitter profiles and let you search them by location. When you sign in with Twitter OAuth, you can follow, unfollow or block those Twitter users. The search results can be sorted by last update, screen name, followers or friends.

Go to TweepSearch

4. Nearby Tweets

On Nearby Tweets website, you can search anything nearby nearly any city, you can follow or block any Twitter users in the results, and you can also block all the tweets from that location. But you can’t search the keywords with more than one Chinese word.

Go to Nearby Tweets

5. LocaFollow

Besides location, you can also search LocaFollow by bio, name or tweets. The search results of the Twitter users will include the numbers of following/followers and tweets, the last tweets, the websites, ect. You can follow the those Twitter users one by one or on one click.

Go to LocaFollow

6. Twitseeker

Enter your location, enter your twitter username, and select search from profiles, then you can see who are in that location and you can follow them on one click. You can also see some keywords of every Twitter user’s recent tweets, friends’ descriptions and friends’ locations. But Twitseeker can’t display any Chinese.

Go to Twitseeker

7. Twitter Grader

you can search Twitter users by Location via the User Search function on Twitter Grader, which will show you the first 100 related Twitter users who are sorted by their grades. As you can see from the above image, the search results may be not 100% correct.

Go to Twitter Grader

8. Twitterfall

Enter your location in the Geolocation column, select how far away from the location is acceptable, and click Enable, then the tweets posted by the tweeps near the location will be displayed and updated automatically. The Tweets can be sorted by languages.

Go to Twitterfall


You select a location, then will show the twitter trends and 3 latest tweets from your location on Google Maps, and you can click the more detail button to see more Twitter users and tweets from that location. There is a twitter account for every location listed on, but China is not in the list.

Go to

10. Geofollow

Just enter your location, then Geofollow will list the Twitter users from your location, you can follow, reply or DM the matched tweeps after login. But there are not enough profiles in Geofollow’s database, since as you can see from the above image, there is only 3 tweeps found in Guangzhou area.

Go to Geofollow

Among the above 10 websites, my favorite three are Twitter Search, Twellow and TweepSearch. How about you? Which ones are your favorite? Or do you have any other similar websites to search Twitter users by location? Share with us by adding a comment.

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