Search Your Social Stuff With Greplin

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Instead to search Gmail, Twitter and Facebook separately, it is a good idea to search all the three sources at a time in one place, isn’t it?

Greplin is such a place for you to search your social stuff from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and many other social sites with one query.


Greplin offers both free and premium services, for the free service, the features are interesting enough:

1. 200 MB storage

After registration, you will have 200 Megabytes of storage, and you can search up to:

  • 50,000 messages,
  • 2,000 people,
  • 10,000 Files,
  • 10,000 events,
  • and 20,000 streams.

You have to upgrade to get more storage.

2. 7 searchable sites

You can add and search the following 7 sites:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Dropbox
  • LinkedIn

You can search Evernote, Google Apps Mail, Yammer and some other sites after upgrade.

For Facebook, you can search your profile, events, notes, messages, friends, news feed and wall posts, but you may not find those news feeds or wall posts back to 4 days because of Facebook’s policy.

For Twitter, you can search your tweets, timeline and direct messages, which means you can also search old tweets especially your own’s with Greplin.

3. Instant search

Entering the search term, you will see the results before hitting the enter key.

4. Search filter

Besides to search your social stuff from all your connected sites together, you can also search and filter the results by message types (such as people) or sources (such as Facebook).

5. Multiple languages

Besides English, Greplin supports Chinese, German, Japanese and many (if not all) other languages.

To save the storage, I only connect Twitter and Facebook to Greplin, wondering what will happen when the storage is used up.

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