Setup CloudFlare And Increase Your Page Speed

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After adding your website to CloudFlare successfully, your page speed will be increased as default, and you don't need to change anything else.

But you can increase your page speed a little more with a few changes.

As mentioned before, I followed CloudFlare's advice, turned on Rocket Loader and Auto Minify, excluded the admin section of WordPress yesterday, as what you can see from the following:

1. To turn on Rocket Loader and Auto Minify

To turn on CloudFlare Auto Minify and Rocket Loader

On the "Performance settings" tab of the "CloudFlare settings" page, choose JS, CSS and HTML for the Auto Minify, and select Automatic for Roacket Loader.

2. To exclude the admin section of WordPress

To exclude the admin section of WordPress

On the "Page Rules" for your WordPress blog, enter the following rule:


Remember to change "" to your blog's domain. After that, toggle Apps and Performance to "off", and click the "Add Rule" button, then you are done.

3. To enjoy the result

Increase page speed with CloudFlare

After the above 2 changes, you can use GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Yahoo! YSlow or some other page speed test tools to check out your page speed, and I bet that you will be surprised and happy for the result.

As what you can see from the above image of GTmetrix, for my blog Free Nuts, both Google's Page Speed and Yahoo's YSlow are up to 95 grades, how about yours? Share it with us by leaving a comment.

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