Create Shape and Text Collages Online with Shape Collage

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Shape Collage is a free service using which you can create some funny photo collages on your desktop or on your web browser.

To create photo collages on your desktop, you have to download the Shape Collage software, which is workable for all the major operation systems with Java installed. And to create photo collages on your browser will be easier, just go to Shape Collage Online, enter the urls of photos or the urls of webpages with photos, choose a shape or input some text, click the Create button, and then your collage will be generated automatically.

You can enter as many urls as you want, and when the urls are done, you can choose to make a collage with a shape or with some text.

1. To make a shape collage

There are total 9 kinds of shapes (such as heart, star, moon, and so on) for your choice.

2. To make a text collage

You are able to turn the collage to any words no more than 5 characters.

One excellent feature for Shape Collage is that all the pictures in the collage are click-able and linked to the original webpages. But there are two problems with Shape Collage:

1. Some photos are missing.

As you can see in the first image of this post, there are 2 urls of webpages with photos , but only the photos of the first one (from Flickr) are seen in the star shape collage. And although the photos of the second url (from FreeNuts) are seen in the Y text collage, only two photos from that page, in which there are 5 photos with other 3 GIF files, maybe it is because Shape Collage is only workable for the JPG files.

2. Collages are unable to be resized.

Although the collage can be embedded into your blog, it will be broken if you change its size. For example, the created collage is 700*654, when which is changed into 540*505, some elements of the collage will be lost, just like below:

Have you gotten the above 2 problems?

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