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Looking for a simple, stable and significant VPS as your web hosting? Check out DigitalOcean, only $5 per month, and you can get $10 in credit just for signing up now. is a free web app for you share any number of any files at a time on one page.

To share files with, you just need to upload your files, copy the URL, and share them with your friends. Below are the advantages and shortcomings of the website:

I. The advantages of

With, you can share multiple files without limit with below advantages:

1. You can share any type of file

You can upload image, document, video or any other format files and share them with your friends.

2. You can share any size of file

There is no size limit for the files you can upload to

Update: The size of each individual file saved on the internet servers may not exceed 2GB.

3. You can share a number of files at a time on one page

On the same page, you can upload as many files as you like, and all the files will be shared via the same URL.

4. You can share the files while uploading

When you select a file from your computer, you will get a URL, which you can share with your friend instantly while the file is uploading.

5. You can view the files before downloading

You can view text and image files on the web page before downloading, but video files (at least 3GP or AVI) are not available for preview.

6. You can do more after registration

You don’t need to register to use the service, but your files will be deleted after 30 days. After registration, you can view how many times your files display, remove your files, and keep your files forever if you log in the site in 3 months.

II. The shortcomings of

Although is easy for you to share multiple files without number or size limit, it is not perfect yet.

1. You can’t drag and drop

DropMocks and Minus are available for you to drag and drop images to share, and Google Docs is available for you to drag and drop any format file to it, but you can’t drag and drop files to

2. You can’t preview video files

As mentioned above, you can preview text and image files, but you can’t preview video files.

In my opinion, is great for you to share your friends with some private files which you don’t want too many people know. And if you want to share multiple files on Twitter with the public, you can check out these 10 websites.

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