Share Multiple Links With One URL

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If you want to share multiple links (such as 10 YouTube videos) with your friends, you can put the links in a blog post like this and then share your post with your friends, but which will take a few time, depending on what post you are going to write.

Another easy way is to pack the 10 video links into one URL with BridgeURL, which is a free web-based application for you to share multiple links with one URL.

Below is how BridgeURL works.

1. Enter your Links

Share Multiple Links

On the home page, you enter a title (which will be a part of the generated URL), and paste your links (one per line), then click the “Create Link” button.

2. Share your URL

Share Multiple Links With BridgeURL

When the link is created, you will see a new URL with your title characters, such as below:

When you share the generated URL with your friends, they will see all the pages of the links in slide show format, such as this.

3. View the pages as slide show

Share Multiple Links With BridgeURL Effect

You can click the navigation button on the left or right to view the pages of the links one by one. Besides slide shows, you can also view all the pages of the links in new windows.

4. View all the pages in new windows

Share Multiple Links With One URL BridgeURL

Click the “View In One Page” button in the bottom toolbar of BridgeURL slide show, then you can open the links one by one or all at once.

Since BridgeURL uses iFrames to display links, the slide show format will be not workable for Facebook, MySpace, PayPal and some other websites, but you can also share multiple links from those websites with one URL.

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