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Dropbox allows you to back up your files and get access to them anywhere, no matter if you are using a computer, a laptop, a tablet PC or even a mobile phone.

Although Dropbox is quite easy for you to share your files with yourself, it is not easy for you to share them with others. Yes, you can share a folder with your friends by inviting them via emails, but you can’t share a single file, nor share a folder with the whole world.

To overcome these shortcomings, you can check out, which is a FREE web app for you to share your Dropbox files online easily with the following 5 advantages:

1. You can share a single file

While Dropbox is only available for sharing folders, is also available for you to share individual files.

2. You can share publicly or privately

Dropbox is only available for you to share with its members who you invite via emails, but is also available for you to share with anyone that has the URLs of the shared folders or files.

3. You can customize the URLs of the folders or files you shared allows you to create a URL of any shared folder or file, but Dropbox doesn’t.

4. You can comment on the shared folders or files allows you to comment on the folders or files your friends shared with you, but Dropbox doesn’t.

5. You can preview the files before downloading

Like Dropbox, you can preview text, image, audio and some other format files before downloading them.

With the above 5 advantages, is obviously easy for you to share your Dropbox files. But people often use Dropbox to back up and share files with themselves, instead of others, and what is more, there are already a lot of other file sharing services, such as, My CloudApp, DropMocks, etc., so still has a long way to be famous.

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