Spoon Is Far From Perfection

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Spoon is a website from which you can download hundreds of apps or games and then run them on your computers.

Comparing to Ninite, you don’t need to install anything except the Spoon plugin in your computer.


I. The advantages of Spoon

Spoon’s vision is “to make the world’s apps available instantly on any desktop”, which also shows its advantages:

1. You can download many apps and games from one place

Spoon offers hundreds of apps and games for you to download and run on your Windows computer.

2. You don’t need to install apps or games in your PC

When you are going to launch an app or game, Spoon will download it to your computer, but you don’t need to install it, since it will be run by the Spoon plugin you download before.

And you can launch the app or game directly without downloading again next time.

II. The shortcomings of Spoon

Although Spoon is easy for you to download many apps and games from one place and you don’t need to install those apps or games in your computer, it is still far from perfection and has some shortcomings.

1. It doesn’t offer the latest versions of apps or games

The apps or games you download from Spoon may be not the latest versions, and you need to update them after downloading.

2. It is only workable for Windows

Spoon may be workable for Mac or even other computer system, but now it is only workable for Windows.

3. It is not good for different computers

Except there are some games, Spoon is nothing new but just a website for you to download many apps on one page, just like the website Ninite, which is available for you to download multiple desktop softwares at a time.

And when you want to run an app or game in another computer, you need to download it again.

III. The future of Spoon

The web apps will be the future of all internet products, which means people will no longer need to install anything in they computer and can use all their desktop softwares on any computer with internet connection.

So, to win in future, Spoon should offer online space and web desktop.

To offer online space and web desktop

If Spoon offers web desktop, and make all their apps and games can be installed and run on the web desktop, then users won’t need to download the same app when you are using different computers.

If not, I’m afraid that Spoon will be dead soon.

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