Subscribe To Your Favorite Websites And Services With Backstitch

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While Google Reader is available for you to subscribe to your favorite websites via RSS feeds, it does not work for Facebook, Groupon, Instagram or some others without RSS feeds.

While Memolane, Patchlife and Vizify are available for you to subscribe to your own social activities, but not for your friends&#39.

So, is there any web app that can combine more websites and services in one place?

Yes, you can check out Backstitch .

After registration, you can pick up your favorite websites and services in the Catalog tab, then you can filter and read them on the Patterns or Threads page.

1. Catalog

Backstitch Catalog

There are many websites and services sorted by the following 6 catalogs:

  • News: From Boing Boing, CNN, TechCrunch or any other RSS feeds.
  • Travel: From Groupon Getaways.
  • Photos: From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.
  • Shopping: From 1SaleADay Deals, Groupon Goods, Tanga Deals, TeeFury Shirts, Threadless and Moot.
  • Places & Services: From Groupon Featured Deals.
  • Social: From, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Besides, you can also check out the most popular as well as the newest websites and services in the "Featured" catalog.

2. Patterns

Backstitch Patterns

On the "Patterns" page, you can see all the updates of your services and websites sorted by sources.

3. Threads

Backstitch Threads

On the "Threads" page, you can read your subscriptions by News, Photos, Places & Services and Social.

While you can read the news, view the photos, search Twitter and do something else, you can't comment on a post, reply to a tweet, like a Facebook update, or do any other interaction on the Backstitch site, which is more or less boring, right?

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