Take This Lollipop

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Privacy is a big problem on Facebook, especially for the people who revealing their living addresses, often check-in places, favorite stores, and some other essential personal information, since which may be used by bad guys.

Not worried? You might have a different view after checking out the Take This Lollipop website, which won’t give you a sweet candy, but a horrible surprise.

After connecting with your Facebook account, you can watch a horrible movie, in which you're the leading role and going to be murdered by a creepy cyberstalker, who hacks your Facebook account, looks up your address on Google Maps, drives a car to find and murder you, then uses the same way to kill your friends, as what you can see from the following video:

The movie takes about 2 minutes, but long enough to scare me.

Take This Lollipop will be a little exaggerating, since it’s not that easy to hack Facebook, nor to find your actual address on Google Maps, but it does express how important your internet privacy is.

In fact, there is no place that can 100% protect your privacy from stalking, and the only way to do so is never to reveal any privacy that you won’t let a stranger, a friend, a family or anyone else to know, since everything you put on the internet may be exposed to somebody unexpected one day, no matter how.

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