Top 10 Tools to Test Website Speed

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Since Google has announced that they are using page speed in their ranking algorithm (PageRank), it’s a good idea to optimized your website or blog speed.

Below are 10 free popular tools for you to test website speed and get suggestions, with which you can find out why the website speed is slow and how to improve it.

1. Page Speed

Test Website Speed

Google’s Page Speed is an open-source Firefox add-on, with which you can test the speeds of current web pages and get suggestions on how to improve them.

The Page Speed need to be used with another Firefox add-on Firebug .

Go to Page Speed

2. Yahoo! YSlow

Test Website Speed

Yahoo! YSlow is also a Firefox/Firebug add-on, and it will also test website speed and offer suggestions for improving the page’s performance.

Usually, if your Page Speed score is high, so your YSlow grade will be, and vice versa.

Go to Yahoo! YSlow

3. GTmetrix

Test Website Speed

GTmetrix will offer website speed testing results from both Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow, and it will also offer some recommendations for how to improve the website speed.

The GTmetrix results may be a little different from those of Page Speed or YSlow, but you can test and compare up to four websites at a time.

Go to GTmetrix

4. Pingdom Tools

Test Website Speed

Pingdom Tools is for you to test the load time of a web page.

You can view the load time of every element on the web page and find out the bottlenecks.

Go to Pingdom Tools

5. Web Page Analyzer

Test Website Speed

Web Page Analyzer will calculate page size, composition and download time for the web page of the URL you enter, it will also offer advice on how to improve page load time.

Go to Web Page Analyzer

6. WebPagetest

Test Website Speed

With WebPagetest, you can test one website and get detailed recommendation, or you can test several websites and compare them with each other.

When testing one website, you can select the test location, choose the IE browser or connection versions, keep test results private, and so on.

Go to WebPagetest

7. Webmaster Tools

Test Website Speed

Log in your Webmaster Tools, open the Site Performance page of Labs, then you will see the loading time of your website in a chart, and you will also get some suggestions for how to make the site faster.

Go to Webmaster Tools

8. Zoompf

Test Website Speed

Besides to test website speed, Zoompf will also list all the issues in detail and offer related references for how to fix them.

Go to Zoompf

9. Show Slow

Test Website Speed

Show Slow will also show you both YSlow grade and Page Speed score for the web page of the URL you enter.

You need to register to add the URL of the website your want to test.

Go to Show Slow

10. Which Loads Faster

Test Website Speed

The Which Loads Faster website will test and compare the loading speed of two websites or web pages.

You can click the More button and get detailed information for the results from GTmetrix, WebPagetest or Show Slow.

Go to Which Loads Faster

Among the above 10 website speed testing tools, I prefer to Page Speed, since it is developed by Google who will decide the PageRank of your website. How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other tools to test website speed? Share with us by adding a comment.

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