The Answers For The Google Puzzle

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After Pac-Man, Chrome FastBall, Guitar and some other ones, Google has just launched a new free online game — The Google Puzzle, which is a Chrome experiment based on HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.

While the puzzles are a little difficult, the game is quite interesting, since there are multiple windows displayed together at a time with nice music.

The game offers both English and Japanese versions, and for the English version, the following are the answers to all the 8 puzzles:

the Google Puzzle

Puzzle 1 What’s the hidden word?

Answer: Global

Puzzle 2 What is the country at the start?

Answer: Ireland

Puzzle 3 I ______ you.

Answer: Heart

Puzzle 4 5 x 5 !

Answer: Dog

Puzzle 5 Who is this?

Answer: Mozart

Puzzle 6 Take me to the ticking

Answer: To drag the arrow and drop it in the right bottom Time column.

Puzzle 7 Reveal the Hidden Hint

Answer: To drag the important symbol and drop it to match the cube.

Puzzle 8 Bridget the o and o

Answer: To add "bridget" between the two "o" of "google" in the page URL.

For better understanding, you can check out the following video:

As you can see from the above video, there is an error for the last answer and I think which is a bug, since I had finished the game last night with the same way and added "freenuts" to the Puzzle Master board.

But anyway, the end is very magic when you get the "O" back, so check The Google Puzzle out yourself and don’t worry about any mistakes, since you can always restore your last puzzle, have fun!

Update: You should add "bridge" not "bridget" between the two "o", sorry for my mistake and thank Lisa to point it out!

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