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Sometimes I like to convert PDF to Word, so that I can read it on Google Docs with Blackberry, and sometimes I like to convert Word to PDF, in order to make the document more official.

There are some nice free online PDF to Word Converters, though all of them surrender to Happiness Magazine. There are also some nice free online Word to PDF converters too, and this post will find out which one is the best.

Test Sample Word File

The sample word file is as below:

There are two different images inserted in two different corners, and only one page. Those which can convert the word file to a PDF file with the same looking, which will be the Top Word to PDF Converters.

Test Free Online Word to PDF Converters

The test including below 10 websites:

  8. PDF4u

The Test Result

Freepdfconvert, K2pdf, Lettos and Media-convert failed since they convert one page to two pages. PDF4u also failed, since it is only free for you to convert a word file less than 25 KB. And the left 5 should be passed and be the  Top 5 Word to PDF Converters, but which one should be the best? Let’s have a look at them.


You can choose the PDF compatibility, make encryption or watermark. And what is more, you can download the PDF file directly without typing in your email address.


You can select output quality with screen, eBook or print optimized, the converted PDF file will be sent to the email address you type in. And the output PDF file is the same as the word file, just like this.


You can upload a word file or enter the URL of the word file, then the converted PDF will be sent to your email box as an attachment. The output PDF file is nearly same as the original word file.


The output PDF file will be attached to the email, but the font of the output PDF is obviously not the same as that of the original word.


Zamzar is able to convert the PDF file to Word file with the same construction, but the font of the output PDF is a little different from that of the original word file. You can see the output PDF on Google Docs.

Among the above top 5 converters, Veevia should be the best one to convert Word to PDF online for free, because it is the only one you don’t need to type in an email address and the only one that allows you to add encryption or watermark. Please let us know if there is any other better free online Word to PDF Converters.

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