The Pros and Cons of Boomerang for Gmail

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I have a greeting card for Sophia, whose birthday will be August 18. It will be too early to send the card to her now, so I want to schedule Gmail and send email to Sophia on her birthday automatically.

Since Gmail doesn’t allow you to schedule email itself, I try to find a third-party application to do that, and then I come across Boomerang for Gmail, which works for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Before scheduling Sophia’s email, I test Boomerang for Gmail by sending emails to myself, and find out that there are some benefits as well as drawbacks.

I. Pros

The biggest benefit of Boomerang for Gmail is that you can schedule Gmail.

1. You can read your inbox email at any future time.

Boomerang for Gmail read later

If you like, you can schedule the particular time when you want to read or respond to an inbox email, which will disappear at once and reappear in the scheduled time.

2. You can send your draft email at any time in the future.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is easy for you to send emails later automatically.

3. There is no other message attached in the schedule email.

Boomerang for Gmail correct

Boomerang for Gmail won’t add any information in your email, you will send what you write only.

II. Cons

Although the benefits of Boomerang for Gmail are functional, its drawbacks are also obvious.

1. There are mistakes when there is an attachment.

Boomerang for Gmail

I just attach one txt file in the draft email, but there will be two attachments in the sent email, and what is more, the email body is gone.

2. Boomerang for Gmail is not stable

Boomerang for Gmail

I have tested Boomerang for Gmail 4 times with the same attachment, and there is only one correct email which looks same as the draft.

So I dare not use Boomerang for Gmail to send email to Sophia at last, and in fact, I stop use Boomerang for Gmail any more until it is updated.


For the cons mentioned in this post, Matt from Boomerang for Gmail has an update claim:

I will be first to admit that our product had some problems during our beta period, but we’ve made a ton of fixes since you tried the product last August (including seamless attaching and complete stability!). We are now out of beta and the product works perfectly.

So, it’s a better time to use Boomerang for Gmail now.

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