The Pros And Cons Of Clipix

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If something is hot, it must have many clones.

Pinterest is such a thing that have tens of clones, and it seems that more clones are coming out.

While most of the clones are too similar with Pinterest to be funny, the new clone Clipix is so creative for you to pin products online with prices if there are.

I. The pros of Clipix

Comparing to Pinterest and most of its clones, Clipix has the following 3 obvious advantages:

1. Price drop alert

Clipix Price Drop Alert

If you clip a product on an online store (such as Amazon), you can not only see the price, but also choose to get alert when the price is dropped.

2. Import Pinterest pictures

Import pins into Clipix

You can search any Pinterest user and import his or her entire boards one by one.

3. Combine multiple boards

Combine multiple boards

While Pinterest is only available for you to create and delete boards, Clipix is also available for you to combine multiple boards into one.

Besides the above 3, Clipix also has some other advantages, such as multiple languages support, private or public sharing, iPhone and Android apps, so on and so forth.

II. The cons of Clipix

While there are advantages, there are also some obvious shortcomings of Clipix:

1. Price is not available for every website

For a product (such as a book) from, you may add price drop alert, view the price, and even buy it, as what you can see from the following image:

Clipix for Amazon

But for a product (such as a flower bottle) from, you will fail to add price drop alert, to view the price, or to buy it, instead, you can only view the whole webpage, as what you can see from the following image:

Clipix for Taobao

2. Clip is not available for every website

Clipix for FreeNuts

You can use the Clip bookmarklet to save a Clipix webpage, but not a freenuts', as what you can see from the above image, there will be an error message said that you have to enable third-party cookies.

Although it is not so stable yet, Clipix is better than Pinterest and all of its other clones for you to save a product with price to check and even buy it later.

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