The Pros And Cons Of Google Related

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Google has just launched a new product — Google Related, which is an extension for Chrome and a new feature in Google Toolbar for IE.

After installation, along the bottom of the current webpage, you may see a gray bar that offers videos, maps, reviews and/or some other contents which are relevant, and you can +1 the relevant contents if you like them.

The following will show you the pros and cons of Google Related:

I. The pros of Google Related

It seems that Google Related has integrated Web, Images, Videos and even more search products to show you the results directly and automatically.

1. You can get relavent contents without search

This is the most useful feature of Google Related, while you are browsing a webpage, you can get some more similar webpages with videos, maps, webs and/or some other contents.

2. You can preview the related contents

Google Related

For example, you can preview the screenshots of the relevant webpages, you can view the maps of the related places, and you can even watch the related videos on your current pages directly.

II. The cons of Google Related

Although Google Related will offer you some more relavent contents which you maybe like, it also has some obvious shortcomings:

1. It doesn’t support all webpages

According to my test in the Chrome browser, Google Related didn’t work for Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube or any Chinese website. What is more, even it worked for a website, but maybe not for all its webpages.

2. There is no undo function

Google Related Option

While you can hide the current page or even its entire website, you can’t display them later, since there are no option settings at all.

Because of the above 2 shortcomings, Google Related is not so existing for me, how about you? Do you like it?

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