The Pros And Cons Of My CloudApp

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Like, My CloudApp is a website for you to upload and share any files online with your friends.

My CloudApp offers both free and paid services, but as usual, this post will only introduce the pros and cons of its free service.

My CloudApp

I. The pros of My CloudApp

After registration, you will find out there are some special features offered by My CloudApp:

1. It can recognize file formats

My CloudApp can recognize the formats of your files and put them in related folders, such as Audio, Image, Video, and so on.

2. It can shorten your URLs

You can set the file link length to long or short with the domain, before or after the file is created.

3. It can track your files

For the files you upload, you can change their names, delete them, and make them public or private. Besides, you can also track how many times the files you shared have been viewed.

II. The cons of My CloudApp

Comparing to the pros, the cons of My CloudApp are more obvious.

1. The storage limit is too small

For free account, you can only upload 10 files per day, and the max file size is only 25MB, which is too small comparing to Google Docs or

2. You can’t drag and drop

You can’t drag and drop images as what you can do with DropMocks or

In a word, the free My CloudApp service is good for you to share some small files or some files which you want to delete them later, but not good for you to share big files or multiple files in one page at a time.

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