Think Twice Before Buying Web Apps

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Before buying something you really LIKE, do you ever think that if you really NEED to buy it?

Take web apps (browser-based services or products) for example, do you ever ask yourself the following 2 questions?

1. Are there any free versions?

For Hulu, Dropbox, Gmail and many other popular online services, they offer both free and paid versions, so if the free ones are fine to you, there will be no need to buy the paid ones.

2. Are there any free alternatives?

In case there are no free versions or the free versions can't fulfill your demand, then you can try to find some free alternatives.

For example, if you really want to watch a paid movie on Hulu, instead to buy it, you can watch it on Noobroom, Movie4k, PrimeWire and/or some other similar sites for free.

And if the answer to each of the above 2 questions is NO, which means that there are no free versions of nor free alternatives to the web app you like, or the free versions or alternatives are not good enough, then it's time to buy it.

As for me, I have paid for domains and hosting servers, though I can get free domains and servers, which are not good enough for me to run blogs like Free Nuts professionally.

Besides domains and hosting servers, I also buy VPN services, since the free ones don't work (well) sometimes.

And except domains, servers and VPNs, I don't pay for any other web apps now, since their free versions or alternatives are fine for me.

How about you? What web apps have you paid for or are you going to buy? Share with us by leaving a comment and we will show you some FREE alternatives (if any) for your reference.

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