Three Must-have Softwares to Use the GAE Web Apps

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GAEGAE (Google App Engine) is a Google product for you to create web applications and run them on Google’s infrastructure.

For free account, you can create up to 10 applications, use up to 500 MB storage, have an efficient app serving around 5 million page views a month, and outsource the maintenance to Google, that’s why GAE are so popular with many related applications around the world.

My favorite two GAE applications are GAppProxy and HYK-Proxy, both of them are proxy servers, which are used to get access to the websites (such as Twitter) or their applications blocked in China.

Although they are mentioned before, the formal instructions of GAppProxy and HYK-Proxy are both in Chinese, to make it easier, I am going to introduce each of them separately with more details.

Before introduction, let’s prepare below three must-have and nice softwares:

1. Google App Engine client

The Google App Engine client is mainly used to upload your application data to your GAE account. There are two versions of Google App Engine client:

  • Google App Engine SDK for Python
  • Google App Engine SDK for Java

You need to download the correct version for your applications. For example, if you are using GAppProxy, you will need to download the Google App Engine SDK for Python package; and if you are using HYK-Proxy, then you will need to download the Google App Engine SDK for Java package.

By the way, make sure the Python version you are going to download is suite for your computer operation system.

2. Python

Obviously, if you download the GAE for Python, you will also need to download and install a Python client — usually, you can just download the latest version.

By the way, the Python website is also blocked in China, if you have access trouble, try online proxy websites, VPN or proxy servers.

3. Java

For the Java version of Google App Engine, you just need go to the Java website and download its software.

With the above three softwares on hand, GAppProxy and HYK-Proxy will be easy to install and use. Besides these two GAE applications, I am also going to introduce how to install and use Gtap, which is used to create API proxy for Echofon and some other Twitter applications that support customized Twitter API. So, stay tuned.

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