Two Ways To Export Your Facebook Friends To Gmail

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One advantage to export Facebook friends to Gmail is that you can manage them more easier, but Facebook doesn’t allow you to do that, for it wants to protect user privacy, which is bullshit.

Since you can view your friends’ email addresses, phone numbers, websites and any other information they share will you, to export the information is just an easier process than to write down them one by one, and what is more, it allows Yahoo to export your friends with their email addresses in deed.

Well, whether Facebook likes or not, there are two ways for you to export your Facebook friends to Gmail.

1. Yahoo Mail

Export Your Facebook Friends To Gmail with Yahoo

Just log in your Yahoo Mail, import Facebook friends, export them as a CSV file, and then import the CSV file to your Gmail account.

With this method, you can only export the names and email addresses of your Facebook Friends.

And if you don’t want to export any other contacts except your Facebook friends, you can create a new Yahoo account, or export and remove the exist contacts first.

2. Facebook Friend Exporter

Export Your Facebook Friends To Gmail with Facebook Friend Exporter

Facebook Friend Exporter is a Chrome browser extension, with which you can export names, email addresses, phone numbers and websites of your Facebook friends.

After installation, you will see an “Export friends!” button on your Facebook’s toolbar on the top, clicking the button, then you can follow the instruction and export your Facebook friends to Gmail directly, or you can download the CSV file and import it to your Gmail manually.

But every time you can only export about 30 friends and you have to change the Facebook language to English.

None of the above two methods is perfect, damn Facebook should offer an easier way for users to export their friends to Gmail as soon as possible.

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