Top 10 Chinese BTC Exchanges

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The Bitcoin official site has informed you that you can buy BTC via exchanges listed on the website.

And there are 7 exchanges listed for you to buy BTC in China, but among them, only three are Chinese, and the one Asia Nexgen has less than 100 BTC volume (per day?), out of date, right?

In fact, China has the most BTC exchanges in the world, among which, the following 10 listed in the table are the best with most trading volumes:

Exchanges 24-hr Trade Volume English Support Mobile Friendly RMB Deposit LTC Other Altcoins Notes


Yes Yes Yes No No  
OKCoin 6,892.75 No Yes Yes Yes No  
Bter 4,927.40 Yes No Yes Yes Doge, NMC, XMP, etc. Volume only for BTC/CNY.
Huobi 145,732.00 No No Yes No No  
BTCTrade 10,247.23 No No Yes Yes YBC  
FXBTC 1,243.80 No No Yes Yes No  
CHBTC 24,800.75 No No Yes Yes No  
BTC100 3,276.00 No No Yes Yes No  
BTC38 851.80 No No Yes Yes ANC, XPM, PTS, etc.  
796 Unknown Yes No No (USD, HKD & EUR) Yes No It treats BTC like stock.
1. Excluding 796, the total trading volume of BTC was 212,219.63 in the last 24 hours.
2. All the above data were collected from the 10 exchanges' official websites, at about 9:30 pm, on Dec. 27, 2013 (Beijing Time).

Among the above 10 Chinese BTC exchanges, BTCChina and OKCoin are mobile friendly, Huobi has the most trading volume, Bter and BTC38 are available for you to deal with altcoins like BTC-E, while 796 is weird.

Excluding some other smaller exchanges which are not listed in the above table, these 10 has over 200,000 trading volume per day, more than the sum of Mtgox, Bitstamp, BTC-E and even more.

So, it's no doubt that the whole BTC market trend will be affected by these 10 Chinese exchanges deeply.

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