Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons For Firefox

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Online dictionaries are great, since you don’t need to install any desktop client in your computer, just enter the word you are looking up, and then you will get the definitions of it.

But online dictionaries are not easy enough, since you have to open their websites in new tabs or windows within your browsers, so if we can skip this and find the definitions of any word in its webpage, then online reading or even writing will be easier and more funny.

For Firefox browser users, you can use the following best 10 dictionary add-ons (extensions) and look up any word in its webpage directly.

1. FoxLingo


The add-on FoxLingo combines some translators (such as Google Translate), some dictionaries (such as Babylon) and Wikipedia.

After installation, you will see a FoxLingo toolbar, with which you can translate the highlighted text or the whole webpage, look up words in Babylon, WordNet 2.0, Tapsis English Greek and some other dictionaries, as well as Wikipedia in their languages, or check out a word’s meanings in the same language.

Besides, spell-check, grammar-check, text-to-speech and some other features are also available.

2. Dictionary Tooltip


Dictionary Tooltip is an add-on for you to look up words in different dictionaries or resources.

You can double-click the word you want to look up and get the definitions from The Free Dictionary in a pop-up window as default, or you can select another dictionary (such as YourDictionary) or resource (such as Wikipedia), and you can also add notes to the word.

On the Preference page, you can change the action for how to look up a word, remove / add dictionaries or resources, choose whether to store words or not, etc.

3. ImTranslator


Powered by Google Translate, the Firefox add-on ImTranslator is mainly for you to translate words from one language to another.

After installation, highlight a word, a phrase, or even a sentence, and click the ImTranslator button in your Firefox toolbar, or in the context menu, then you will get the translation results in a pop-up window.

Besides translation, you can also get different definitions in another language for the word, as well as some original language phrases and their meanings in the target language.

For the words you look up, you can also listen to them, spell-check them, decode them, and so on.

4. Dict


Dict is a pop-up dictionary add-on for Firefox.

Once installation, you can select the word you want to look up, click the Look up "xx" in the context menu, and then you will see the definitions in a pop-up window, including pronunciation, meanings, example sentences and some other information from different dictionaries. If there is no definition for your word, Dict will suggest you some similar-looking ones.

And Dict offers some different servers for your choice, you can choose the one near to you, and select another one if one is not workable.

5. Google Toolbar

google toolbar

With the Google Toolbar’s translate feature, you can select what kind of language you want to translate into, decide which languages won’t be translated, turn on or off the auto-translation of webpages, etc.

Just as Google Translate, you can’t translate the words in its original language, listen to the words, or read some example sentences.

By the way, you can also look up any word with the Google Toolbar’s search box just by adding "define: " before it, for example, you can search "define: sex" and get the definitions of "sex" in English or some other languages.

6. gTranslate


The Firefox add-on gTranslate is available for you to translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it.

The translation result will show in the context menu directly, clicking on the result, you will be lead to the Google Translate page for the full translation, and clicking on Open dictionary, you will get the definitions of the word in the Google Dictionary webpage, but which sometimes may be an empty until you click the “Search Dictionary” button or press the Enter key.

7. BabelFish Instant Translation

babelfish translation

BabelFish Instant Translation is a simple add-on for you to translate a webpage into another language with Google Translate, to translate a word, a phrase or a sentence with Google Translate, Google Dictionary or Yahoo BabelFish, and to find the definitions of a words with Google Dictionary.

Set your target language, highlight your words, right-click, and then you can translate them, or you can just right-click and translate the whole webpage.

8. Dictionary Lookup Extension

dictionary lookup extension

After installation of the add-on Dictionary Lookup Extension, highlight the word you are looking up, right-click, and move your cursor to the define menu, then you will see the definitions of the word.

Clicking any position of the definition area, you can visit the website for more details of the word, such as pronunciation, history, quotations, and so on.

9. DictionarySearch

dictionary search

The add-on DictionarySearch is easy to use, after installation, select the word you want to look up, click the Search Dictionary for "xxx" item in the context menu, then you will see the definitions of the word from The Free Dictionary.

On the website, you can listen to the pronunciation, read the meanings, view the thesaurus, and see some other information about the word.

10. Quick Translator

quick translator

The Quick Translator add-on is available for you to translate a word, a phrase, a sentence or a webpage from the original language into another one.

Choose the target language, select the words you want to look up, then you can see the translation results. For the translation of a single word, you can also see its meanings in both original language and target one.

And you can also click the Quick Translator button in the status bar or toolbar to proceed the translation actions.


Among the above 10 extensions, the first five are heavy with more features, while the last five are light with basic features, and gTranslate is my favorite, which one is yours? Or do you have any other dictionary add-ons for Firefox? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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