Top 10 Facebook Applications For You To Edit Photos

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Did you ever think of editing the photos which you had uploaded on Facebook?

Instead to download them, edit them and then upload them again, you can edit your Facebook photos with the following top 10 applications, which will be easier and more interesting.

1. Kizoa Photo


Besides rotating, drawing, adding text and some other basic functions, Kizoa Photo is also available for you to add different effects (such as frames, filters, colors, etc) to your Facebook photos just by moving your cursor, but some of those effects are not free.

And, you can also select some photos and turn them into a slide show.

2. Picnik


As one of the best online image editors, Picnik offers an application for you to edit your photos on Facebook, too. And you can select one friend’s photos or yours and edit them by auto fixing, cutting, resizing and some other editions.

Picnik supports multiple languages, but some features (such as redo) are not available for free accounts.

3. piZap Photo Editor


With the Facebook application piZap Photo Editor, you can add text, stickers, frames and some other effects, or even paint yourself.

Besides your own photos, you can also edit your friends’ photos.

4. Pixlr


With multiple languages support, Pixlr is as powerful as Photoshop for you to edit your photos, which can be pick up from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Pixlr library, web, or your computer.

5. Zombie Attack

zombie attack

Similar with Make Me Zombie, the Zombie Attack web app is available for you to make yourself or your friends as zombies.

You can add bleed, teeth, eyes and some other stickers to the photo you select.

6. LunaPic


Besides cutting, drawing, adding text and some other basic functions, LunaPic is also available for you to adjust color, brightness, exposure or some other photo elements, to make cartoon, 3D tube, dollar bill or some other effects, as well as to create frame timing, snowfall, blood rain and some other animations.

7. Sketch Me

sketch me

Sketch Me is simple for you to turn your profile photo into a sketch photo. There are 3 different dark effects for your choice.

8. Phixr


With Phixr, you can pick up a friend’s photo or yours, and edit it by rotating, cutting, adding text, etc, then you can download the finished photo, upload it to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc, or send it via email. And you can also print the photo on a T-shirt, but which is NOT free.

9. Mania


The Facebook application Mani is for you to change your photos with different effects (such as the one of the above image), but before you can create your own effect photos, you need to edit other user’s photos to earn energy first.

10. FotoFlexer


With FotoFlexer, you can edit your photos with different effects, decorations, red eyes fixing, and many other functions.

Besides Facebook, you can also pick up and edit your photos from Flickr, Picasa, PhotoBucket, and so on, to which you can also save your edited photos.


Among the above 10 applications, it’s hard to say which one is the best, since each of them offers different functions, but whichever you choose, you can post the edited photos on Facebook, or download them to your computer.

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