Top 10 Free Online Korean Keyboards

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An online virtual keyboard is good for you to input characters without a real keyboard, or even without any language acknowledge.

And if you want to write Korean, you can check out the following top 10 free online Korean keyboards:

1. Branah

Virtual Korean Keyboard

The Branah's Virtual Korean Keyboard is similar to your computer keyboard, and you can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Korean letters.

For the output, you can tweet it, Google it, select it, or save it as a TXT file.

2. Gate2Home

Gate2Home Virtual Korean Keyboard

Like Branah, Gate2Home is also available for you to type Korean characters using your computer keyboard or mouse, but, it offers 3 different keyboards for your choice.

For the output, you can copy it, search it, and post it to Twitter or Facebook.

3. Writing Korean

Writing Korean

As mentioned before, Writing Korean has 4 different keyboards for Consonant, Vowel, Final Consonant and Extra symbols, you can only click to select and input the characters.

For the result, you can copy it as HTML code or Korean (Hangul) calligraphy.

4. Lexilogos

Lexilogos Korean Virtual Keyboard

Lexilogos lists all the Korean consonants and vowels with Latin letters above them in one page, you can click the Korean characters or type the Latin letters to input.

5. Keyboard360

Keyboard360 Korean

Like Lexilogos, Keyboard360 is available for you to write Korean by clicking the Korean characters or typing the Latin letters above them.

6. Easybabel

Easybabel Virtual Korean Keyboard

The Korean Virtual Keyboard of Easybabel is a Java-based web app.

When clicking on the keyboard characters, you can get some suggestions, and you can also type to input, but which is too hard for me to understand.

7. Google Korea

Google Korean Keyboard

In the search box of the Google Korea website, there is a virtual Korean keyboard, which is similar to your computer's.

You can click or type to input the Korean characters, and you can also get instant search suggestions.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate Korean Keyboard

On the Google Translate website, you can select "Korean" as the original language, then you can see a virtual Korean keyboard in the empty box.

There will be a suggestion when Google Translate thinks you have input the wrong word.

9. My Languages

My Languages online Korean keyboard

Powered by Google Virtual Keyboard API, My Languages offers a virtual Korean keyboard as Google's, but without any input suggestions.

10. Keymanweb

keymanweb Korean keyboard

The Korean keyboard of Keymanweb is not so easy to use, since there are only a few Korean characters and you need to follow the help section to find out how to type or click the others.

Among the above 10 websites, Google Translate is my favorite, since you can translate what you have input instantly, which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other free online Korean keyboards? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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