Top 10 Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

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How to find out if your blog posts have been stolen and published on other websites?

You can enter the title, the first one or two paragraphs, a few sentences, or some other text of the post, and search them on Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engines.

Instead, you can also check out the following best 10 free online plagiarism checkers, which are professional for you to do that.


plagiarismchecke-com is available for you to enter your text and check for Plagiarism on Google or Yahoo, as well as to create Google alerts for the new duplication.

2. Plagiarisma.Net


On the Plagiarisma.Net website, you can enter a URL, input some text, or upload a PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, TXT or HTML file, and find out the duplicate content on Google (for registered users only), Babylon or Yahoo.

3. Dupli Checker


With Dupli Checker, you can find out those plagiaristic sites by inputting your text (up to 2000 words), entering the post URL (after registration), or upload a Docx or Txt File, and you can also highlight the duplicate content on them.

4. Plagiarism Detect

Free Online Plagiarism Software

Powered by Google, Plagiarism Detect will show you the plagiaristic sites and how much content they have stolen from your post when you have entered some text, uploaded a DOC, DOCX, ODT or TXT file, or inserted the post URL.

5. Plagiarism Software


With Plagiarism Software, you can enter your text or upload a TXT file to check out if there are any duplicate content just on the same page.

6. DupeOff


On the DupeOff site, you can enter a URL or text to find out the plagiarism, bur for free account, you can only do that once with up to 4 sentences per day.

7. Copyscape


On the Copyscape website, you can enter the URL of your webpage to check out if someone has copied your content, but only 10 results will be shown for free account.

8. Dustball Plagiarism Checker


With Dustball Plagiarism Checker, you can enter your text and find out the duplication on Google.

9. Plagtracker


With Plagtracker, you can enter some text of your post, leave your email address, and receive the duplicate content report when it is ready in your inbox.

10. Article Checker

Free Online Plagiarism Software

Article Checker is available for you to enter some text or the URL of your post and check out if there is any duplicate content on Google and/or Yahoo, but sometimes it dose NOT work during my test.

Among the above 10 websites, most of them are based on Google and/or Yahoo, so which are also good and even better free online plagiarism checkers.

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