Top 10 Free Online Spell Checkers

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For a WordPress user, you can use the After The Deadline plugin to check your spelling of every post before publishing.

If you don’t use WordPress, if you want to check the spelling of a web page, or if you want to check the spelling of other languages, you can check out below 10 free online spell checkers.

1. Orangoo Spell Check

Free Online Spell Checkers Orangoo

Orangoo Spell Check allows you to check text in 27 languages, and it will show you some possible corrections for every possible mistake detected.

You can also spell check your website by leaving a URL and your email address, but this feature is only workable for English with below limits:

if your site is less than 60 pages, you’ll be emailed a complete spelling error report containing every possible mistake on your website. If your site is greater than 60 pages, you’ll receive a partial spelling error report containing a number of possible spelling mistakes on your website.

2. Respelt

Free Online Spell Checkers respelt

The free online spell checker Respelt supports English only.

Without registration, you can paste your test, enter the URL of any web page or a RSS feed to check spelling; after registration, you can also enter your RSS feed and get email alert automatically.

3. Spell Check Tester

Free Online Spell Checkers Tester

On the Spell Check Tester website, you can add your text and check the spelling, you can calculate the characters and words of the text, and you can also have some suggestions for every possible mistake.

This free online spell checker supports English only.

4. Jspell

Free Online Spell Checkers jspell

Jspell supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and US English medical spelling check.

Enter your text, select the language, click the ‘Spell Check’ button, then you will see the possible mistakes and corrections, and you can also add the Jspell spell checker to your website.


Free Online Spell Checkers supports English, French, German and some other languages, you select the language and paste your text, then you can check the spelling.

Beside text spell check, this free online spell checker also offers grammar and thesaurus checking.

6. SpellJax

Free Online Spell Checkers spelljax

SpellJax supports English, French, Italian and other 8 languages.

Just enter your text, select the language, click the “Check spelling”, then you will see the results with suggestions.

7. W3C Spell Checker

Free Online Spell Checkers W3C

W3C Spell Checker is for you to check the spelling of a web page in English or French.

Enter the URL of your web page, select the language, choose whether to present possible corrections, then you can get the results.

8. Translated Online Spell Check

Free Online Spell Checkers Translated

Translated Online Spell Check supports English, German, Geek and other 20 languages, what it more, it can detect the language of your text automatically.

Enter your text, select the language, and click the “Check” button, then you can find the possible spelling mistakes and the possible corrections.

9. SpellBoy

Free Online Spell Checkers Spellboy

SpellBoy supports American English, British English and German.

You can check the spelling of the text you enter or of a web page, you can see the suggestions for every possible mistakes, and you can also use SpellBoy in your mobile phone with the URL “”.

10. MicroSpell Online Spell Checker

Free Online Spell Checkers microspell

MicroSpell Online Spell Checker supports English only.

Enter your text, and click the “Check Text” button, then you can see the possible mistakes and corrections.

Among the above 10 free online spell checkers, none of them supports Chinese, and their results are only for reference, since they may mark some new words (such as Facebook)as possible mistakes.

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