Top 10 Free Online Virtual Keyboards For Any Languages

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Among these top 10 free online Korean keyboards, most of their websites also offer virtual keyboards for Chinese, Japanese, French and many other languages.

After comparisons, the following 10 virtual keyboards are the best and free for you to input any languages online directly anywhere anytime on any computers, tablets or smart phones.

1. Branah

Branah Virtual Keyboard

Branah supports 58 languages, including Chinese, French, Korean and more.

For the output, you can tweet it, google it, select it, or save it as a TXT file.

2. Easybable

Easybabel virtual keyboard

Easybable has over 250 virtual keyboards for different languages.

You need to run Java to use those virtual keyboards.

3. Gate2Home


Gate2Home supports over 70 different languages, and there will be even different keys for one virtual keyboard.

For the output, you can copy it, search it, and post it to Twitter or Facebook.

4. i2Type

Sciweavers i2Type

Sciweavers' i2Type supports over 70 languages with different virtual keyboards, some of which are run on a new webpage.

You can click or type to input characters, which will be counted automatically.

5. Lexilogos

Lexilogos virtual keyboard

The Lexilogos website supports over 80 different languages, which are sorted by Latin alphabet and Other alphabets.

Besides virtual keyboards, Lexilogos is also available for you to convert one language (such as Chinese simplified) to another one (such as traditional characters).

6. Keymanweb

Keymanweb virtual keyboard

Keymanweb supports hundreds of virtual keyboards for different languages, which are sorted by Central America, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

There will be instruction for how to use every keyboard.

7. Google Web Search

Google Virtual Keyboard

When visiting,, or some other non-english Google homepage, you may select the local language (such as Korean for and see an onscreen keyboard in the search box.

You can click or type to input the local language characters, and you can also get instant search suggestions.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate virtual keyboard

On the Google Translate website, you can select the language you want to input as the original language, then you may see a virtual keyboard in the empty box.

There will be a suggestion when Google Translate thinks you have input the wrong word.

9. My Languages

My Language Virtual Keyboard

As a website for you to learn different languages online, My Languages also offers online virtual keyboards for over 80 languages.

The keyboards are powered by Google Virtual Keyboard API and like Google's, but without any input suggestions.

10. Stars21


Stars21 offers over 80 different virtual keyboards for different languages.

Besides its own keyboard, Star21 also inserts the Google's onscreen keyboard for every language.

Among the above 10 virtual keyboards, Google Translate is my favorite, since you can translate what you have input instantly, which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other free online keyboards? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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