Top 10 Free Web Apps For Instagram

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As the most popular photo application for iPhone, Instagram is only workable on iPhone.

And if you like to use Instagram without iPhone, you can check out the following best 10 services, which will be available for you to have fun with Instagram photos in your computer browsers:

1. Inkstagram


Inkstagram is the web-based version of Instagram, you can like/comment on the photos, follow/unfollow users, see the popular photos and do nearly all that what you can do with the iPhone app, except to manage your Instagram account or to take photos.

By the way, you can enlarge and download the photos, too.

2. Insta-great


Insta-great is available for you to see the Instagram photos, to follow/unfollow users, or to like photos, and you can also filter the photos by dates, users, or tags.

And the most obvious feature is that you can only view one picture in full size at a time.

3. Instagrid


Instagrid is a web gallery for your Instagram photos, which you can view in grid or list format, and you can also enlarge as well as download the photos.

4. Instabam


The Instabam website will show you the Instagram photos taken near you from 1 mile to 5000 miles away, which you can choose.

You can enlarge the results photos, with usernames, places and time, and you can use Instabam both in your computer or mobile phone browser.

5. Keepsy


The Keepsy website is available for you to make funny photo albums with your Instagram photos.

You choose a theme, name an album, and select your photos, then you are done. For the albums, you can reorder, drop or add photos, share them on Facebook and Twitter, but you can’t download them.

6. InstaKitty


The InstaKitty website will show you only cats from Instagram, you can view the photos one by one manually, or by slideshow, you can see how many people like the photos, and you can also view the photos on the Instagram website.

7. InstaPuppy


Developed by the same team, InstaPuppy is nearly same as InstaKitty, but just show you only dogs from Instagram.

8. Pic a Fight


Pic a Fight is a PK platform, on which you can vote for one Instagram photo between two. And you can also log in and share your Instagram photos to PK with other’s.

9. Instawar


The Instawar will show you two different photos at a time randomly, and you can make them a pair if you like, then you can share your new photo on a Tumblr particular page automatically.

10. Rrrewind


As one of the easiest way to find out what was hot in the world, the Rrrewind website now supports Instagram and will archive all the popular photos since Feb 20, 2011.

Do you have any other funny third-party free web apps for Instagram? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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