Top 10 Free Weight Loss Websites

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For those like me who fail to get fat whatever I eat, weight loss is not a problem at all, but for those who want to lose weight, it will be a big challenge.

Two common and important ways for weight loss are to have a diet and to do some exercises, the first way is to absorb fewer calories, and the second way is to burn calories. For more detailed and free tips about weight loss, you can check out below 10 popular websites:


Weight Loss Website live strong

The weight loss website offers complete tips. For fitness, you can learn exercise routines, stretching exercises, weight training and some other tutorials; for diet, you can learn recipes, food to avoid, fast food & restaurant nutrition, and some other eating tips; for calculation, you can use Body Mass Index, The Daily Plate, Body Fat Calculator, and some other tools.

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Weight Loss Website MSN

The MSN Health and Fitness center offers 15 videos, many diet & fitness tips, and a lot of success stories.

On the Fit Zone, you can select a body section, and learn how to improve the fitness of that section.

There are also Body Mass Index, Metabolic and Weight Loss calculators for you to archive your goal.

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Weight Loss Websites myfitnesspal

On the website, you can search over 510,000 foods and get their volumes of calories, sugars, fat and many other nutrition facts; you can search or select an exercise you like, enter your weight and practice time, and check out how many calories will be burned by that exercise; you can also use Recipe Nutrition Facts Calculator, Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator, Body Mass Index Calculator, and some other tools.

After registration, you can track your weight loss progress and discuss with the community members.

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Weight Loss Website calorie count

On the About Calorie Count center, you can search a food and check out its calories, fat, sodium and other nutrition facts; you can enter your recipes and get the nutrition facts; and you can also browse the nice recipes submitted by its members.

For fitness, you can check out the calories burned with an activity, and you can also refer to the detailed exercise plans.

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Weight Loss Website health diet offers many stories about how to lose weight, with both diet and fitness tips.

Besides weight loss, the website also offers stories about how to have a healthy living.

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Weight Loss Website fitday

On the free weight loss website, you can check out the nutrition facts of the food cooked in different ways, you can search the activities and check out how many calories they will burn, you can create a weight loss goal and track your progress every day.

After registration, you can join the forum discussion and get weight loss advice.

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Weight Loss Website sparkpeople

Besides tips of nutrition, fitness and health, you can also set your weight loss goal, track your progress, and join the community discussion after registration.

The website offers tools for you to set your nutrition, fitness and customized goals.

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Weight Loss Website 3fatchicks

The weight loss tips of mainly divided into Diets, Fitness, Food and Lifestyle categories, each of which includes detailed advice for many other smaller topics.

You can also register and join the forum discussion.

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Weight Loss Website webmd

The Healthy Eating & Diet center of offers fitness and diet tips for healthy weight loss. You can learn how to fuel your body, how to eat healthily, how to read food labels, and many other weight loss tips.

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Weight Loss Website weightwatchers

Besides recipes, you can also learn how to shop smart, how to eat out, how to cook for the season, as well as how to do fitness.

There are many success weight loss stories on the website, and you can register and join the community discussion.

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Among the above 10 free weight loss websites, some (such as SparkPeople) also offer premium accounts, but you can always disregard them. To get more free tips, you can check out these top 10 YouTube videos for diet health.

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