Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Database Backup

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A few moths ago, one of my blog collapsed in a careless accident, and all of the posts were gone, so I tried to restore the database, but to my surprise, the database was not correct, and I have no idea how that happened up till now.

After that, I have been very careful about database backup, besides to back up the database from the blog server monthly, I also back up the database with WordPress plugins daily, below are 10 WordPress plugins I have tested, they are all free and compatible with WordPress 2.9.2.

1. WordPress Database Backup

When the plugin WordPress Database Backup is installed and active,you can back up your blog database and download it to your computer disk, save it in your sever, or send it to your mail box. You can select the database tables, set the backup time, and enter your email address, then the database backup files will be sent to your email box automatically.

2. WordPress Online Automated Backup

Just create a free account on the website, add your blog (one account, one blog), then install the plugin WordPress Online Automated Backup, when you are done with the settings, the WordPress plugin will send your database backup to, which offers you 5M disk space.

3. BackWPup

Besides database, BackWPup can also back up your WordPress installation files and optimize your database tables. The database backup will be saved in your blog server, and you can also download it manually or send it to your mail box automatically.

4. DBC Backup

DBC Backup will let you back up your blog database to the blog sever manually or automatically. You can select whether to compress the database backup files or not, you can also choose whether to delete the old backup files or not.

5. myEASYbackup

When the myEASYbackup plugin is installed and active, you can back up your blog database. Besides, you can also back up the WordPress installation files, the backup files will be saved in your blog server, and you can download them to your computer, but automatically backup is not available.

6. Online Backup for WordPress

Before to use the plugin Online Backup for WordPress , you need to register on BTE website, which will offer you 50M disk space, you can back up your database to BTE, to your computer disk, or to your mail box. The database backup can be done automatically.

7. WordPress EZ Backup

WordPress EZ Backup can let you back up your blog database as well as WordPress installation files. The database backup can be done automatically, but I think it is a little hard to finish the WordPress EZ Backup settings.

8. Bei Fen

Bei Fen lets you back up your blog database as well as your WordPress installation files to your server, you can back up manually or automatically, the database backup can be deleted or restored from your WordPress dashboard.

9. Remote Database Backup

Remote Database Backup is the mini version of WordPress Database Backup, you can manually backup your database tables easily, but you can’t send the database backup to your mail box automatically.

10. WP-DBManager

With WP-DBManager, you can back up your blog database to the server, to your PC, or to your mail box, manually or automatically. You can optimize, repair, clean or even delete the database tables, you can also delete or restore the database saved in the server.

Among the above 10 WordPress plugins, I use WordPress Database Backup for Free Nuts, how about you? Which WordPress plugin do you use for your blog’s database backup? Or do you have any other WordPress plugin for database backup? Please share with us by leaving a comment.

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