Top 10 Netlabels

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As per WikiPedia, a Netlabel (also online label, web label, digit label, MP3 label or download label) is a record label that distributes its music through digital audio formats (such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or WAV) over the Internet (for free).

Since there are so many free music artworks under Creative Commons licenses, there are many Netlabels, among which, the following 10 are the best:

1. Archive

Archive netlabel

Archive is a really large place for you to find free and legal books, movies as well as music.

In fact, many other Netlabels are based on Archive and using its free music.

2. Sonicsquirrel


Since 2005, Sonicsquirrel has offered thousands of albums, which you can filter by tags or by search.

For every album, you can play it online, download it as a Zip file, download its MP3 tracks one by one, download its covers, and even download a m3u playlist.

3. Ektoplazm


On the Ektoplazm website, there are hundreds of free albums, which you can listen to online, or download as MP3, FLAC and WAV files.

4. FMA


As mentioned before, FMA (Free Music Archive) is one of the best websites for you to download free music.

There are thousands of MP3, which you can filter by Pop, Rock, Jazz or some other genres, by Blip Festival CKUT, KEXP or some other curators, by Artist, Album, Date, and so on. But you can’t download the whole album and have to download its tracks one by one.

5. Netlabelism


Netlabelism offers hundreds of albums, which are sorted by drum & bass, hip hop, instrumental and some other genres.

For every album, you can view its description, and listen to its tracks online, but you need to visit other websites (such as Bandcamp, Dedpop, Fuselab, etc.) to download it.

6. Mine All Mine Records

Mine All Mine Records

Since 2007, Mine All Mine Records has offered over 200 albums now, for every album, you can listen to it online, and download it as MP3 or FLAC file.

7. Resting Bell

Resting Bell

On the Resting Bell website, there are over 100 albums, which you can listen to online, or download as Zip files, and you can also download the album graphics (such as cover).

The free music is from or Sonicsquirrel.

8. Laridae


Since 2004, Laridae has offered over 60 albums, which you can download as Zip files or listen to online, and you can also download any single track as a MP3 file.

9. 23 Seconds Netlabel

23 Seconds Netlabel

Since 2006, 23 Seconds Netlabel has offered over 60 free albums, which are from UK, USA, CA and some other countries.

You can download all the albums on the website, and you can also listen to most of them on Spotify.

10. Impulsive Habitat

Impulsive Habitat netlabel

With the aim to promote "people who haven’t received large exposure and whose work deserve more attention", Impulsive Habitat has over 33 special albums now.

For every album, you can download it as a MP3 or FLAC file, you can download its graphics, and you can also listen to it online.

By the way, to download some more even illegal music albums for free, you can check out these 10 Websites.

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