Top 10 Online Translation Services

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I often use Google Translate to translate Chinese into English, or to translate English into Chinese, and one day I just wonder if there are any other online translation services that like Google Translate.

Later, I find out that the answer is yes, there are really other similar and free online translation services for you to translate your text from one language to another. And among those free online translation services, I think below 10 are the best, of course, including Google Translation.

1. BabelXL

BabelXL is powered by Google and supports 52 languages. You can active the virtual keyboards, select one and enter your text, or you can just copy and paste the text, which will be automatically detected and translated into your target languages. The translation result can be sent to Twitter easily through

Check out BabelXL

2. Frengly

The online translation service Freegly supports 34 languages, your input text will be automatically detected, virtual keyboards are available. Just enter your text, and select your target language, then you are done.

Check out Frengly

3. Google Translate

Google Translate has supported 54 languages up till now. You can enter text or a webpage URL, or even upload a document, Google Translate can do the rest, but it won’t auto-detect your input text until you select Translate from Detect language.

Check out Google Translate

4. Nice Translator

Nice Translator is also an online translation service powered by Google, supporting 51 languages. Your input text will be auto-detected, when you select the translator, your text will be translated automatically. You can translate your text into multiple languages in the same web page.

Check out Nice Translator

5. PROMT Translator

PROMT Translator supports text translation and webpage translation. The text translator supports 7 languages, including English, German, Russia, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. The website translator supports 4 languages, including English, German, Russia and Spanish.

Check out PROMT Translator

6. SDL Free Translation

Most services of SDL Free Translation is not free, but your can translate your text into 34 languages for free with 10,000 words at a time, and you can translate a webpage into 7 languages (but excluding Chinese). This free online translation is also powered by Google.

Check out SDL Free Translation


As a free online translation service, SYSTRANet supports 14 languages, you can enter and translate up to 3,000 words per time, and you can also translate a web page into another language.

Check out SYSTRANet

8. Tradukka

Tradukka is such a website from which you can translate the language in real time, your text will be translated while you are typing. Tradukka supports 52 languages, and lets you translate up to 5,000 characters at a time.

Check out Tradukka

9. WorldLingo

The online translation service WorldLingo supports 31 languages, you can translate your text, a document file, or a website, and you can also translate your email and send to your friends directly, but for free account, you can only translate 500 words a time.

Check out WorldLingo

10. Yahoo! Babel Fish

Yahoo! Babel Fish supports 11 languages, and you can enter 150 words per time, but there is no words limit when you translate a web page.

Check out Yahoo! Babel Fish

Among the above 10 online translation services, I often use Google Translate, but sometimes use Tradukka? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other similar online translation services? Share with us by adding a comment.

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