Top 10 Question And Answer Websites

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When having a question, I will search Google for the answers, which works most of the time, and when I fail to get answers from Google, I will ask others.

There are many question and answer websites for you to ask questions and get answers, among those websites, below 10 are the largest and most popular, and they are all free for you to ask and answer any questions.

1. Aardvark

questions and answers

After registration, you can ask any questions you like to, and then Aardvark will pass your questions to its members who maybe know the answers, later you will get the answers via IM, Email or Twitter.

Besides the website, you can also ask or answer questions with your IM, Email or Twitter accounts.

Go to Aardvark

2. Yahoo! Answers

Questions and Answers

Sign in with your Yahoo account, then you can ask or answer any questions you like to.

Since there are many Yahoo users, your questions maybe got a few answers in a short time.

Go to Yahoo! Answers

3. Answerbag

Questions and Answers

You can ask any questions on the Answerbag website after registration. When the questions are answered, you will get alerts, which also can be sent to your Email box.

Besides ask and answer questions, you can also post polls on the Answerbag website.

Go to Answerbag

4. Answers

questions and answers

After registration, you can ask any questions you like on the Answers website which calls itself The world’s leading Q&A site.

And you can also answer any questions submitted by others.

Go to Answers

5. Wikianswers

questions and answers

On the website Wikianswers, you can ask any questions without registration, but it will be easier for you to track the answers for your questions after registration.

And you can also answer any questions asked by others.

Go to Wikianswers

6. Quora

questions and answers

After registration, you can ask or answer any questions on the Quora website.

And you can also connect to your Twitter or/and Facebook accounts.

Go to Quora

7. Blurtit

questions and answers

On the Blurtit website, you can ask / answer any questions without registration, but the process will be easier after registration.

Go to Blurtit

8. Mahalo Answers

Questions and Answers

With Mahalo Answers, you can ask and answer any questions after registration.

You can pay for the answers to your questions, and you can also get paid for your answers to others’ questions.

Go to Mahalo Answers


questions and answers

After registration, you can ask questions from your friends on Facebook, Twitter and/or MySpace, or you can search the users and ask them any questions you like.

You can also invite your friends to ask your questions, or get some questions from and answer them.

Go to

10. Allexperts

questions and answers

To ask a question on the Allexperts website, you need to choose an available expert from one category in which you are interested, and then ask the expert your question about the category.

You need to enter your email address to send the questions, the answers to the questions will be sent to your email box when they are replied by the experts you asked.

Go to Allexperts


If you are in USA, you can check out ChaCha, which will let you ask and answer questions from your mobile phone.

Among the above 10 question and answer websites, Aardvark is my favorite, but when I failed to get satisfied answers from it, I will try the other ones. How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other question and answer websites? Share with us by adding a comment.

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