Top 10 Quote Websites

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Quotes are not always helpful, but sometimes they will motivate and brighten your day.

Besides to cheer up yourself, another function of quotes is to cheer up others on holidays (such as Thanksgiving), in articles, during lectures, or at some other time for some other events.

Below are 10 most popular quote websites, from which you can find nearly all well-known quotations by famous people, and even some interesting ones by unknown users.


Quote Websites great-quotes

On the website, there are over 1,400,000 quotes, sayings, proverbs & movie quotes by famous people.

You can filter the quotes by Topics, Authors, Proverbs, Movies or User Submitted, you can rate the quotes, and you can also submit your own quotes.

2. The Quotations Page

Quote Websites the quotations page

Established in 1994. The Quotations Page has over 26,000 quotations online from over 3,100 authors, and there is also a forum for you to discuss quotes.

You can filter quotes by Author, Subject, or the Day, you can search quotes by keywords, and you can also add quotes to your quotations page or send them to your friends after registration.

3. BrainyQuote

Quote Websites brainyquote

The quote website BrainyQuote offers thousands of quotes.

Besides topic, author, and the day, you can also search the quotes by favorites, professions, keywords or author’s birthday. On the particular quote page, you can see the author details and his or her other quotes, as well as some related authors.

4. The Quote Garden

Quote Websites the quote garden

Built in 1998, The Quote Garden offers thousands of quotes, which you can filter by topics.

You can read all the quotes of a topic in one particular page of the site.

5. Quotations

Quote Websites thinkexist

Built in 1999, the Quotations website offers more than 300,000 quotes by over 20,000 authors. You can search the quotes by authors, topics, keywords, and some other terms.

For every quote on the site, you can vote it, suggest a revision, send a card and / or do some other things, some of which require registration.

6. Wikiquote

Quote Websites Wikiquote

As a sister project to Wikipedia, the biggest feature of Wikiquote is that there are many quotes in different languages of different countries.

You can filter the quotes by people, proverbs, films or some other categories, you can search the quotations by any keywords, and you can also read the random quotes.


Quote Websites worldofquotes

The website offers more than 59,000 quotes organized in over 1,300 topics, more than 17,000 proverbs in over 300 categories from many nations, and more than 10,000 authors.

You can search the quotations by authors, topics or proverbs.

8. Wisdom Quotes

Quote Websites wisdom quotes

Built in 1995, the Wisdom Quotes website offers many challenging, inspiring or interesting quotes chosen by its owner Jone Johnson.

You can explore quotes by topic, the author index, or check out the newest quotes.

9. Quoteland

Quote Websites quoteland

As a quote website, Quoteland offers many quotations, which you can search by topic or author.

For every quote, you can rate it, send it to your friends, or engrave it on mugs, bookmarks, t-shirts and some other things (NOT free).

10. The Board of Wisdom

Quote Websites boardofwisdom

Different from the above 9 quote websites, the quotes of The Board of Wisdom are mainly submitter from its users, so that there are many new but funny quotes, sayings and witticisms.

You can search the quotes by subjects, the best quotes, most emailed or some other terms, and you can also discuss, email, or favorite the quotations after registrations.

Again, all the quotes on the above 10 websites are 100% free and no registration required.

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