Top 10 Search Engines For You To Search Google+

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Google+ already has over 10 million users who share 1 billion items every day, but it still doesn’t allow you to search those items on its own site.

But luckily, we can search Google+ users, posts and/or images with the following top 10 search engines:

1. Chrome Custom Search

Chrome Custom Search

Clicking the "Manage Search Engines" button on your Chrome’s Preferences page, you can create a search engine to search Google+ only with the following URLs:

a. To search the posts:

{google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

b. To search the profiles:


The new search engine names and keywords can be anything you like, move the cursor over the new search engine and click the "Make Default" button, then your custom Google+ search engines will appear in the above "Default search options" column.

2. Google Plus Search Engine

Google Plus Search Engine

The website Google Plus Search Engine is available for you to search Google+ profiles and posts, which you can read together or separately by just entering a keyword in the search box and press the Enter key.

3. G+ Search

G+ Search

G+ Search is a website for you to search Google+ information from profiles, posts, Buzz and Google Reader.

4. Stuff in Plus

Stuff in Plus

Stuff in Plus is available for you to find people, posts and images from Google+.

The website will display up to 8 results per time, and if there are more, you can click the bottom “MORE” button to show another 8 or less results.



The GPEEP website is available for you to search Google+ posts and profiles, you can filter the results by tags, locations and jobs.

While the above 5 search engines are available for you to search Google+ users, posts and even images, the following 3 will only available for you to search users.

6. Find People on Plus

Find People on Plus

On the Find People on Plus website, not only can you search Google+ users by relationship, gender and location, but you can also search them by employer, occupation, following/follower quantity and any other keywords.


With the website, you can search Google+ users with any keywords, by female or male, or via a popular tag.

8. Google+ Search bookmarklet

Google+ Search bookmarklet

Google+ Search bookmarklet is for you to search Google+ profiles by entering any keywords you like.

Drag the above bookmarklet into your browser’s Bookmarks Bar, simply click the it on any webpage, and enter your keyword in the appearing dialog box, then you can see the results on the Google website.

9. Google Web Search

Google Web Search Google+

Google+ only available for you to search people by names on its own site, but Google does allow you to search Google+ posts and profiles. In any Google Web Search box, enter the following text:

And enter the keyword you want to search after it, then you can get the Google+ results with that keyword.

10. Google Custom Search

As you can see, some of the above 9 search engines (such as GPEEP) are powered by Google Custom Search, so why not create one yourself?

To do so, you just need to add "" as the only one site, and the search engine will look like the following:


You can enter any keyword in the above search box and check out the effect.

By the way, I think Google+ will allow you to search posts and profiles on its own site later, and there will be more and more applications for you to do so.

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