Top 10 Websites for You to Post more than 140 Characters on Twitter

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In order to post a tweet with more than 140 characters, I had eve divided the tweet into two short tweets, and posted them on Twitter one by one. Later, I have found some cool websites which help you divided the long tweets automatically, but I rarely use those websites, since if I have more than 140 characters to say on Twitter at a time, I possibly will write a blog post (like this one), which will be automatically synced to Twitter by TwitterFeed or FeedBurner.

I still miss those websites, and maybe my mind will change later, so I records those websites down. If you do not want to write a blog but have more than 140 characters to say on Twitter for one information, you can check out below 10 websites, which will help you do that totally free.

1. Maxitweet

As a matter of fact, I do not like the way Maxitweet uses to compress the tweets, since the compressed characters are really not easy to be recognized. And the heavier you compress, the harder to recognized what you post. But it is really a fresh way to add more characters on Twitter.

Go to Maxitweet

2. Tinypaste

You post on Tinypaste and get a unique webpage link, which you can share to Twitter instead of tweet the whole post. You can even earn some tiny money if you sign in and connect your PayPal account, you will get $0.005 for every unique person that views your paste.

Go to Tinypaste

3. Tweetcut

Tweetcut will cut down the size of your Twitter post by using common abbreviations, such as to use “ur” for your”, “u” for “you”, “c” for “see”, and so on.

Go to Tweetcut

4. Twiffo

You can sign in Twiffo with Twitter OAuth and input up to 14,000 characters, Twiffo will create a unique webpage for your post, when your friends click the webpage URL, they will see your whole tweet.

Go to Twiffo

5. TwitLonger

Twitlonger is quite like a light blog without comment and edit feature, your posts will be kept & synced to twitter. You can post long tweets when you sign in with Twitter OAuth.

Go to TwitLonger

6. TwitterContd

TwitterContd lets you post up to 1,250 characters on Twitter, and what it more, it also let you shorten the url, search and add songs to your post, and upload files ( including document, video, audio and image). Your long message will be divided into short tweets, you can select the separator characters.

Go to TwitterContd

7. Twitwall

After sign-in with Twitter OAuth, you can make a tweet just as a blog post with title and contents, only the title and the post URL will be sent to Twitter. You can also add videos, music or photos on Twitwall.

Go to Twitwall

8. Twuit

Twuit ( @1of_ ) lets you tweet more than 140 characters, and the long message will be divided into two or more short tweets. Besides, you can also translate your tweet into another language before sending.

Go to Twuit


You input and save text on, and then you will get a shortened URL which you can share with your Twitter friends to read the text. No registration requested.

Go to

10. XLTweet

You input a post as long as you like on XLTweet, enter your Twitter Username as well as Password, then XLTweet will tweet the first 120 characters of your post with a URL, which will link back to your XLTweet web page.

Go to XLTweet

Among the above 10 websites, my favorite is TwitterContd, though I rarely use it. How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other similar websites which let you post more than 140 characters on Twitter? Share with us by adding a comment.

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