Top 10 Websites For You To Test Broadband Speed

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Some ISPs are evil, since they don’t only hijack your DNS, but also offer slower broadband speed than that they promised.

For example, I bought a 4Mbps broadband from a broker of China Unicom in the price of ¥100 per month, but indeed, I only got 1/4 of that speed.

So, how to test the broadband speed your ISP offers? You can check out the following top 10 websites:


When the website is opened, it will detect your ISP and show its location on a map. Clicking the "BEGIN TEST" button, the website will show you your broadband speed, including ping time, download & upload speeds from a nearest available server.

Besides, you can also share your result to the public, compare to someone else’s or your own past results, and rate the quality of your broadband.


On the website, you can choose to test the download speed and the upload speed separately or together, and select a file size, then you can get the result, which will be saved, and you can also share it to the public.


The website is very simple to use, you just need to click the "START TEST" button, then you can get your broadband speed, both download speed and upload speed as well as their transfer rates.


On the website, you pick up one of the 6 US locations, then you can get the report of download speed, upload speed and latency (ping) time, see your ISP’s name, and share your result as an image.


Opening the website, you will see your ISP name, your IP address, and your browser as well as computer system, clicking the "Test starten" button, you can view your broadband speed results with download & upload speed, and ping & connection time.


Powered by, will also check your broadband speed with download, upload, connection and ping factors, as well as your ISP, IP and browser.


The Speed Test tool of is for you to test your broadband speed from USA, and you just need to choose a location, then it will show you your download speed and upload speed, as well as their transfer rates.


With the Internet Speed Test tool of, you can check your IP, ping time, download speed and upload speed of your broadband, just by clicking the "Internet Speed Test" button.


The Speed Test tool of is for you to test your broadband speed, with the download speed and upload speed, as well as their transfer rates.


As you can see from the above 3 images,, and are all based on the service of, which will show you your IP, test server location, as well as the download and upload speeds of your broadband.

Although the actual broadband speed will be deducted during the transmission because of server locations, computer system, test time, and maybe some other factors, all the above tests were done in nearly same time this morning, but none of the results reached 1/3 of 4Mbps promised by the ISP, what was more, the broadband speed would be slower at night and even not available to use VPN connection, that’s why I hate the ISP so much.


All the broadband speed offered by the above 10 websites means the max speed you can download or upload, while the transfer rate means the actual speed you can download or upload at the test time.

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